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About us

Joroma PLC

Joroma was founded in 2021. Despite being a new company, it is built on the vast experience of our team members who specialize in various fields of IT.
Our projects span many categories, for example online stores, websites, backend systems, data analytics and consulting.
We strongly emphasize thoroughly analyzing project requirements and budgeting before starting, and we work closely with your clients throughout the whole process.
At Joroma, we employ specialists with different technological backgrounds, but we all share the quality of doing our jobs with joy and passion.
Our goals are clear: To create value through optimization, to increase productivity and making Information Technology leverage your business.

Software Development

The foundations for successful software systems are organization, requirements analysis and quality control, so we heavily emphasize analysis in the early stages of a project. We strive to keep our clients well informed and engaged in the whole development process. This is how we can ensure that the quality of our product meets the expectations of the client.


At Joroma, the employees have a lot of knowledge and experience in building websites and web services. We work closely with you and we will tailor the project to your business requirements, every step from design to completion. The security of your website is our top priority. We use secure practices in all forms of development so you can confidently go beyond with your web.

Online Stores

To set up an online store, electronic commerce, or e-commerce as it is often called, does not need to be a complicated process, but there is still a lot to keep in mind. More often than not, it is these "little things" that are forgotten and unfortunately it is usually these that make the difference between your online store succeeding or not. With Joroma, you are in safe hands with your web store because we take pride in EVERYTHING we do.

Consulting and analysis

It can be difficult for a company to keep track of everything related to information technology in-house, particularly when it comes to programming and expertise.
Here is where Joroma comes in strong, as we support your operation by solving small, large, or specialized projects where our staff enhances your operation with their expertise and experience.

One step at a time That's how we achieve success.

Joroma employs specialists with decade of experience in IT. We do everything from introductory system set-up, to running and hosting, to developing simple websites all the way up to large-scale enterprise systems that serve tens of thousands of concurrent users —no project is too small or too large for us. And we promise you this: we will only take on a project if we're passionate about it.


Needs analysis and processes

  • Listen to client's problem statement

  • Analyze existing processes

  • Possibilities for optimization scoped

  • Solution suggested

Software development

Development and integration

  • New system developed

  • Set up a new e-commerce platform

  • Third party integration

  • Optimization of existing technology


Operations and management

  • Management of IT systems

  • Integration and knowledge sharing

  • Key performance indicators after deployment

  • Iterative approach to optimization


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We would love to chat with you over coffee at our office at Stórhöfði 21, Reykjavík. There we can go over our company's operations and you can get to know our capable and diverse team of experts, as well as figure out how we could best assist you with your IT needs.

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